"GLOSSARY OF TERMS, Essentials of Management Information Systems"

GLOSSARY OF TERMS Essentials of Management Information Systems, 6e Managing the Digital Firm Jassen G. Japheth   A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q/R | S | T | U | V | W | X |    802.11b: Standard for high-speed, wireless LANs that can transmit up to 11 Mbps within a 30-50-meter area, providing a low-cost flexible technology for connecting workgroups and providing mobile Internet access. A acceptance testing: Provides the final certification that the system is ready to be used in a production setting. access control: Policies and procedures


Today being 12th June 2019, Nigerians celebrate their democracy day. However, the question is this. Is it democracy or democrazy? Before I move or say anything, permit me to congratulate all Nigerians on their democracy’s day celebration. The question ringing in my mind is this. Is it democracy or democrazy? What is democracy? Many people tend to talk about democracy without knowing its meaning, its origin, why it was named

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IDIOSYNCRATIC CHARACTERISTICS OF NIGERIAN THREE MAJOR ETHNIC GROUPS (Pros & Cons) BY: CHRISPODIAH EMMANUEL “HAUSA / IGBO / YORUBA” HAUSA: Personally, i like the Hausa man because he is a free & kind giver, welcoming to strangers and very sincere when it comes to daily business dealings. A hausa man will hardly ever want to cheat you in business. A hausa man is also a contended person, he can have

JAMB: Nigerian students threaten board over N50 charged UTME candidates for SMS

  The National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, has issued a 48-hour ultimatum to the Joint Admission Matriculation Board, JAMB, to refund N50 Short Message Service, SMS, charges back to UTME candidates. NANS made this demand while accusing JAMB of exploiting Nigerian students through the SMS charge of N50 to get their results. In a statement by its national Senate President, Comrade Abdulmajeed Oladimeji Oyeniyi, NANS called on the board

Jalingo Postal Code / Zip Codes | Taraba State

Jalingo Postal Code / Zip Codes | Taraba State LGA Postcode, State, Taraba State Postcode Jalingo is the capital city of Taraba State, Nigeia. It is also a Local Government Area (LGA) in the state. Thi post provides postal code (zip code) for locations within Jalingo town and other locations within the LGA. Table of Contents Jalingo Town Area Zip Codes Presidential Lodge Emirs Palace /Central Market Magami Kofai A/ Nunkal A Barade Ward

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There are certain ways that social media Instagram especially is affecting the mental health of its users daily and indirectly killing them little by little. These are six of those ways. We want you all to carefully go through this write up, it will help you greatly. The advent of social media has brought many welcomed and some not so welcomed developments. Social media platforms have revolutionized the way we

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Africa is one of the harshest and most difficult places to live in — that is you get to live. Life, especially for men in most parts of this region is marked by an unending struggle to see through diseases, ethnic cleansing, conflict, poverty, forced labour, sexual harassment and other quandaries from birth, through childhood, adulthood and even death. In fact, the journey of a boy child, born in the