Say No To Drugs, Killings And Kidnapping

Starting my article with a congratulation note won in the just concluded gubernatorial election. Infrastructures and development are food for thoughts. Man-power has reduced drastically as technology is taking over, a very well structured plan by an excellent and amiable Governor of all times.

Sir, I believe in your administration and i personally believe in your laid down principles. i ensure to always pray for you to succeed as, part of my developmental endowed potential to pray for all my leaders and never say never when a leader has spoken.

With great injuries in my heart at the moment as pain is just a nightmare word that can be used to express my innermost sadness, I want to appeal to your government to temper justice with mercy!!! For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, we can’t cut off our hands just because we shoot a stone on a bonk. Sir, people are beginning to loose confidence and trust in your government. A lot of students are becoming drop-out and drugs addict, parent are sick and tired of forgiving and beating them for a reason we know your administration can handle.

Sir, Security has also become a major challenge we’re facing in this state. As a peace loving father and an advocate of peace in Nigeria, we believe strongly in your rescue movement. Baba help us make Taraba work again, oh 2007, 2008 when peace and development was the talk of the day! Daddy we believe all your campaign promises. prove to us that you still are and will remain the Eflexnaija & Vanguard Best Governor of the Year!

Baba, Taraba State University is as well presented before your throne of mercy, please look into our case and enlighten the burden off the parents. Nothing is too small and too big for you to do, with a phone call with the TSU ASUU Chairman, everything will be settled and life will be restored again!

Sir, I bless your days, i bless your administration, i bless your family, i bless your linage, i bless Taraba State, i bless all the good people of Taraba State and Nigeria at large. But, Curse be upon every man or woman who is involved directly or indirectly in the Killings and fighting that is going on in the state.

#Long_Live Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku
#Long_Live Taraba State
#Long_Live Nigeria
#Long_Live Africa


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