Internal Strike: Read Why Taraba State University (TSU) is currently on strike

Internal Strike: Read Why Taraba State University (TSU) is currently on strike
Internal Strike: Read Why Taraba State University (TSU) is currently on strike

Several narratives have trial the ongoing ASSU strike, obviously so many of them are coming from people without the knowledge of the problems on ground.

One of such is the fallacy that TSU generate N3.5 Billion annually. Let us go by the assumption of the promoter of the assumed IGR. They suggested that the average fee of the University is N60,000 per student. By the time you divide N3.5  Billion/60,000 you will arrive at a total of 58,333 students. No University in Nigeria has that population.

The fact is that the total student population of TSU is just about 12,500, and the average fee is N48,000 . which can only amount to N600Million that is 12,500 x N48,000. Where on earth is the narrative of N3.5 Billion.
Those blaming the University. Management has fail to tell us some Narratives.

1. The University had only 2 Professors before the coming of the current VC Prof Yahaya the then VC and Professor Noku. Name another person if you doubt this. Today no Department in TSU that don’t have at least two Professors as Permanent or on Sabbatical or Visiting.

2. The school had only two functional faculties, before the coming of Prof Tenebe. Faculty of Art, Social and Management Science and Faculty of Sciences. Today more than 5 faculties are in the University, including Faculty of Health Sciences, Engineering and Law.

3. Another Narratives they fail to tell us is the fact that for more than a year now the VC had no official Vehicle. The one he currently us is a pilot van for the former VC.

4. Another matter we need to Narrate is the fact that before now most courses in TSU are not accredited by NUC, today the new VC has not only got accreditation for all the courses in the university, TSU moved from the 123th University in Nigeria to to 56th. The magic done by Professors Tenebe is unprecedented, to be fair to the man he deserves our commendation.

5. The kind of assault on the VC is on called for, we want a first class University but we don’t want the cost that come along with building a first class University. We should be proud of these achievements.

6. The law establishing the University clearly provided for how the University will be funded, if the law is not working out, then let our law makers amend it and give us a workable law.

7. Another narrative they are not telling us is that since the inception of the University no Convocation was held; it was Tenebe that conducted the first convocation after 10 years.

8. Another achievement that is worthy of mentioning is the Post Graduate programmes that the VC has introduced, today TSU run Msc programmes and PGD in virtually all the departments and Phd is some departments, the current attacks on his person is rather very unfortunate for somebody how has do so much for our Children and the generations of Taraba yet on born.

9. Another narrative that need to be corrected is the accusation of recklessness. For those who don’t know, TSU had one of the best Financial management system. All payment of fees is done online, all expenses are pay online, Salary is pay online, TSU under the leadership of the current VC and his Bursar eliminated cash transactions completely.

10. Before now Assistant Lecturers were made HODs, if you understand the University setting, you will know that this is abnormal, now only Lecturers from Senior lecturers upward are made HODs
Conclusion: What we need is an all-inclusive approach on the part of Management and the Government in solving the ongoing problem without losing the gains already achieved.


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