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Miss Kate _ Queen of Fashion
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A woman the strength and weakness of a home,
A mother,
A sister,
A friend,
A daughter,
An auntie,
A grandmother,
In one way or the other they affect the home.

A girl is born n considered a burden, unknown the environment or community, the person born is the pillar of the home the one who has a compassionate heart the one who thinks like a mother even before she becomes one the one who will give her life for her home n family.

She who take cares of the home n its burden on her shoulder, if she is home she is not appreciated n outside she is considered a loose woman, she works and then she no longer respect men.

A woman is hardly appreciated or even acknowledged. A child grows bad its d mothers n a child Is good its d father’s not minding that the father dose vitally few to no contribution to d child’s upbringing.
These n may more are what a woman endure in a home.

I hope that today a man looks at a woman close to him n appreciate her by saying happy women’s day and a big I love you just to put a smile on a woman’s face.


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