The dicey nature of politics in Wukari/Ibi is something that cannot be easily wished away. Gone are those days where supposed winners of elections were known before election results were been announced. But with the current political situation and awareness of the electorates, those who feel they can win elections without creating the needed bond with the electorates and is solely dependent on the huge amount of cash they would use to buy votes on election day is indeed, nursing a futile project that will not see the light of day and is thus; not ready to impact lives even after manipulating their way into such office(s) vied for. The implication of this is that, they would feel they bought their way into such office(s).

At a time like this, all political office seekers portray traits that seem acceptable to the general public. This has vindicated the Biblical statement that says “By their fruits Ye shall know them”.

Yes! The deeds, actions and inactions of politicians will tell the likely end story with their inordinate attitude which inadvertently show their true being. And society will not always condone the excesses of politicians because, they are the channels through which the citizens express their feelings and sentiments to the government and thus; needs a simple and down to earth humble person to represent them who would in turn be at their beck and call.

As people from Southern Taraba, we should not make a grievous mistake by electing a candidate who will trample on our collective desires, interests and common good.

The people of Wukari and Ibi need a candidate who would feel what the people want at every point in time by assuaging their plight and also bringing the needed development  to the people. This forms the HON. DANJI SHIDDI DANJUMA agenda where the people will always take the centre stage of his representation when elected.


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