“Taraba State Entertainment Industry Previous Election Was Inclined To Another Direction” – Taraba State Mafia

"Taraba State Entertainment Industry Previous Election Was Inclined To Another Direction" - Taraba State Mafia
“Taraba State Entertainment Industry Previous Election Was Inclined To Another Direction” – Taraba State Mafia

Jalingo – Power and Authority are the topic of the day,  it seems people go extra minds to gain such. It’s said that; uneasy lies on the Head that wears the crown 👑.  This proverbs remains true as further proven by the Taraba State Mafia (Voice of the Street) in a WhatsApp interview today.

Here are his words with no Adulteration. 

“It is indeed the dream of every candidate to emerge winner of the bye-election with serious struggles as to support their strengths. The INEC Chairman has the final say in determining every contestants fate, thereby making the chairman superior over all. As expected,  it is the duty of the officer to ensure he/she conducts a free and fair election to avoid stories that touches the heart.  Unlike the past TSEI election, it isn’t free, fair and transparent at all means. The committee INEC Chairman has a special placement for one of the contestants “JEGS MAILAFIA” which by all indications renders the election abortive. indeed this phenomenon appears uncalledfull as the Chairman took it upon himself to get forms for the ice-best amidst other contestants.
DJ  Teazar was Dangote among the contestants who tends to gather crowds and paying for their forms inorder to emerge as President TSEI, Taraba State. It is unbelievable how Tripple S ruined the entire election with a selfish interest of endorsing Jegs Mailafia as President by all means.  The setup planned B was a secret and revealed to Tripple S as most of the forms used were all photo-copies with solidarity on the foretold conclusion.
 DJ Teazar, still had a handful of ideas and influence as the financial situation was still balance on his side with lots of fans and supporters. But the chairman and his opponent has setup plan B on a finger-ring. This whole drama happened live at Gym Hall,  Jolly Nyame Stadium,  Mile six. Voters were subjected to 2-3 billot papers so long as you came under Jegs Mailafia’s banner, this situation was coordinated by Tripple S. Reverse was the case for DJ Teazar he got his votes religiously. MC Network was with Vera since the beginning of the episode till dawn, it was a cooked plan to make him the TSEI PRO since by default he has the highest level of speech amidst the TSEI excos, that position was given to him on a ground to let the sleeping dog lay.  That is the exact picture of the entire story and MC Network has no idea about it.  Of a real fact,  DJ Teazar was the actual winner of that contest and not the sitting President.”


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