Hon.David A. Fuoh

Hon.David A. Fuoh has shown that he’s indeed father to all. This is a person operating a dynamic dedicated and focused leadership with a listening ear and who is sensitive to the aspirations and developmental needs of the youth.

Like many boomer dads,  I saw Hon.David A. Fuoh as a parenting pioneer with the youth always in his heart-more active, engaged, and affectionate than men of many generation. Gembu, Kurmi and Gashaka youths owe you and they shall pay you back…
Leaders in all areas of life have distinguishing characteristics. One characteristic common to all is “Vision”..  Prov.29:18 says,where there’s no vision, the people perish. It’s only right then,to conclude that where there’s a vision, the people will not perish.
My reason for quoting the above is simple. If vision is a criteria that makes a person/a group of people not to perish then Tarabans will not perish, because here we have an influential leader Hon. David A. Fuoh who is vision driven to liberate Gembu, Kurmi and Gashaka, just like his Mentor and  Father Arch. Darius Dickson Ishaku(DDI). Who in his  foresight as an Architect, foresaw the economic value of having a Greenhouse in Taraba and without much noise built it for Tarabans. That’s why he’s called a silent achiever by many.
DDI/DAF are just blessing to Taraba/ Tarabans now and then……….
I call 📞 on all sons and daughters of Kurmi,Gembu and Gashaka to come out in mass and vote Hon. David A. Fuoh to accomplish his developmental agenda comes 2019.
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