“2018/19 TEA award is a set standard for TSEI, see why Paystack voting method was adopted” MC Network

"2018/19 TEA award is a set standard for TSEI, see why Paystack voting method was adopted" MC Network

Jalingo – We have finally stepped into the season of merriment. The Entertainment Industry is becoming hotter, the demand for quality leadership is rising by the day and accusations that the 2017 TEAwards is for family and friends.In a private interview with one of the pillars of the Entertainment Industry in the State, MC Network (the PRO TSEI), created an opportunity for our WhatsApp representative to gather vital information about the on-going protest against the Entertainment Industry’s leadership and the 2017 TEAwards. 

The PRO has this to say; 

“Like the interview you published (the accusations by one of the State’s entertainer), nothing is pre-arranged. You win, you win! You lose, you lose! Even last year’s own was fair. We don’t do illegalities, It is for a standard that voting bars are not shown. Jegs’ Elder Brother and Cousin participated last year, they didn’t win, same thing was applicable to Affos (Jegs’ Media Director, during his election), he lost it.The Truth is, Taraba State has seen lots of cash for Awards, that merit or hustle was thrown to the dogs! Before an event, some organizers have prearranged winners. We didn’t toe that line in other to change that perception! Hustle your votes, if you win, you win! They (entertainers complaining) won’t go and solicit for votes, they will think because they are more famous, they will win without moving a muscle. Team Eflex9ja organized a vote as well on your blog, you saw how low their votes were. Some of us hustled for votes, others didn’t score more than 1%. Don’t think because you are popular, you will win, hustle well for your votes.The voting price is high, N30 is the most accepted price. But in our case, when we do N30, we will just be working for MTN and the VAS operators… They will take the whole money and give us N1 per vote.Would you want that?The arrangement we got was from Paystack. Paystack charges just 1.5% per N100 (that is N1.50)… And the minimum amount using them (Paystack) is N100… We would have gone lower, trust me. With the President’s consent and approval, I spoke with MTN for last year’s contest, they directed me to some VAS operators. We are small, so gettting money from it will be difficult… We allowed it to go for free! This year, your friends, family and fans can contribute a N100 each for your cause.We will only earn N1 (One Naira) for each vote of N30 that’s if we make use of VAS operators. If we can get 1,000,000 (One million) votes, we will make N1m… But tomorrow, people will say we made N30m, how comes we are claiming we made just N1m?I don’t mind…I am an open person…I almost wept when I heard their analysis. My wife was with me when I made those calls, she said it was better we do it free than enrich MTN and the VAS operators.If there is pre-voting for this year, it will be free!…We are close to 20 nominees with the approved threshold (5 nominations each). Thank you.

See screenshots below;

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