Location, Climate, Vegetation and Land Mass of Taraba State


Taraba State lies roughly between latitude 6030″ and 9036″ north and longitude 90 10″50″ east. It is bounded by Bauchi and Gombe States in the north-east and Adamawa on the east, by Plateau State in the north-west. The state is further bounded to the west by both Nasarawa and Benue States, while it shares an international boundary with the Republic of Cameroun to the south and south-east. 

The dry and rainy season common to tropical regions are also the dominant climatic features. The rainy season starts in April and ends in October, while the dry season begins in November and terminates in March.
The dry Season reaches its peak in January and February when the dusty north-east trade winds blow across the state. 
The climatic, soil and hydrology of the State provide a conducive atmosphere for the cultivation of most staple food crops, grazing land for animals and fresh water for fishing as well as forestry. 
The vegetation of Taraba State comprises three types of vegetational zones namely; the Guinea Savannah which is marked by mainly forest and tall grasses are found in the southern part of the State like Wukari, Ussa,. Kurmi, Takum and Donga. The Sub-Sudan type characterised by short grasses are found in Jalingo, Lau and Ardo kola, interspersed with short trees. While the semi-temperate zone marked by luxuriant pasture and short trees is found on the Mambilla Plateau.
Total Area in Km Sq = 60291.82
List of Local Government Areas
Taraba State has 16 Local Government Area and 2 Special Development Areas which are listed below.

  1. Ardo-Kola
  2. Bali
  3. Donga
  4. Gashaka
  5. Gassol
  6. Ibi
  7. Jalingo
  8. Karim Lamido
  9. Kurmi
  10. Lau
  11. Sardauna
  12. Takum
  13. Ussa
  14. Wukari
  15. Yorro
  16. Zing
  17. Yangtu Special Development Area
  18. NGADA Special Development Area
Taraba State L.G.A Provisional Population Figures (2006 Record)
According to the 2006 census figures released by the National Population Commission (NPC), Taraba State has  Taraba State has population figures of Two Million, Three Hundred Thousand, Seven Hundred and Thirty Six people (2,300,736). 
Ardo-Kola 86921 44020 42901
Bali 208935 112014 96921
Donga 134111 69267 65844
Gashaka 87781 48911 38870
Gassol 244749 125293 119456
Ibi 84054 45350 38704
Jalingo 139845 77425 62420
Karim-lamido 195844 99513 96331
Kurmi 91531 49188 42343
Sardauna 224437 113185 111252
Takum 135349 68863 66486
Ussa 93017 50700 41995
Yorro 89410 45548 43862
Zing 127363 64602 62761
Disputed Areas 20253 10386 9867
Total 2300736 1199849 1100887
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