Open Letter to Taraba State University VC from a Student over School Fees

Taraba State University has been known as one of the cheapest school in Nigeria but Recently the Taraba State University has Increased it school with to over 50% and the student are not happy with it, below is an open letter to the Vice Chancellor of the University by a student.
Open Letter To Vice Chancellor Taraba State University: Students Decry Hike In School Fees
“Dear Sir;
I would like to begin by quoting an old African proverb which says; when rainfall is accompanied by thunder, the ground does not only get wet, devastating and traces are left behind that could affect generations yet unborn.
Like most students, I have always admired you. From the very first day I saw and heard you speak, I have since then even until now reserved for you good judgments.
I consider it sad, absurd and utterly inadequate the reasons you gave as regard the outrageous and unfair increment in the school fees.
Just to let you know sir, I am writing this letter based on what is known, obvious and crystal clear from reliable and confirmed source, such as members of students union and their likes.
I am not against an increment in school fees, as long as it is proper, rational and realistic.
The heat of whatever the management is facing should not and cannot be taken out on innocent students. That is why it is called a state university dutifully under a state ministry of education. I believe strongly that anything whatsoever pertaining to the running and management of the university should be taken out on the ministry, not on the students who can barely afford a credible accommodation, one of human basic needs, in an academic year.
With this unjust increment in school fees, you’ll only add to the number of dropouts some of whom are trying to fight their way back into the university. Education is for the masses and the unfair decision you spearheaded and suddenly make known to us this week.
Therefore, I beseech you sir to restructure, replan, restrategize and reorganize whatever it is you can lay hands on to ensure a fair and just academic year.
Please maintain our greatness and don’t take taraba state university away from us.
Thank you.

OG Friend Of Naira

Sir. Jassen Japheth popularly known as Eflexnaija is a student of the Taraba State University. He's a unique user of the pen when it comes to the expression of whatever is entertaining and educative. A young man full of optimism & amusement and a passionate advocate of prayer, hard work & persistence as a formula for success. He is the Site Developer-in-chief of the organization and also a writer of news, articles, editorials and a lot more to help expand the level of knowledge of the readers and simultaneously have them entertained. A lover of music and football is who he is and a Software Developer.

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