How do I publish a Sign Up Form on Blogger?

Blogger is a service where you can create your own blog through a variety of different template options they provide. Having your own blog will allow you to publish information regarding your business or campaign. When you have your own blog, you’ll want readers to sign up for your email list so they can receive further information about your business or campaign.

AWeber makes it easy to publish a sign up form on your Blogger site that allows readers to sign themselves up for your list!

Step By Step Instructions

  1. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to create your sign up form in AWeber. Once created, copy the coding of your sign up form. Both the Javascript Snippet and Raw HTML coding of the form will work.

  2. Once logged into Blogger, click “Layout” on the left hand sidebar.

  3. Click “Add a Gadget” link.

  4. A window will pop up for the available gadgets. Scroll through until you find the HMTL/Javascript Gadget available. Click the plus symbol to add it.

  5. A window pops up for you to paste in your sign up form coding. Paste in your coding and click “Save”.

That’s it! Now when you publish your Blogger site, your AWeber sign up form will be published so readers can sign themselves up for your mailing list.

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