Most organizations view the department of Human Resources (HR) as an
administrative function and ignore the need and opportunity to align it with its strategic
plans. In circumstances where HR is included in the strategy of an organization, its
alignment does not go beyond a forecasting function. The main reason that HR is not
aligned with the strategy of an organization is that it does not hold a seat at the strategic
planning table. The irony with HR being left of out of strategy planning is that by its
nature, HR is about people, which is the core of an organization and its strategic plan.
The HR function not aligned with an organization’s strategy. My hypothesis is that
it is hard to measure HR success and thus it is considered “soft” and not important in the
strategy development. What gets measured gets done and/or receives the authority to
contribute to an organization’s strategy. HR is often viewed as the organization’s “cop”,
ensuring that benefits are properly administered and hiring/firing is handled to the letter
of the law. In contrast to the HR administrative function, strategic HR practices are more
contemporary concepts. Consequently, organizations are less likely to expect these
practices to have an impact on bottom line business results (Huselid, Jackson, & Schuler,
1997). A definition of strategic HR management is the design and implementation of a
set of internally consistent practices that ensure an organization’s human capital
contributes to the achievement of its business objectives (Huselid, Jackson, & Schuler,
1997). I propose the HR person is responsible for receiving their lack of creditability in
gaining business respect. I have experienced that HR personal are often not suited as
business people and are unable to contribute to an organization’s strategy.

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